Legacy Landscapes Fund

A large portion of globally important biodiversity is found in a relatively small number of places. By effectively protecting and managing these outstanding “legacy landscapes”, while respecting the human rights and needs of local people, we can conserve a significant share of the earth’s precious biodiversity.


Post-2020 conservation


Legacy Landscapes network

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LLF secures further funding from Germany and France

BMZ commits 100 million euro to Legacy Landscapes Fund

One year after the launch of Legacy Landscapes Fund (LLF), the German Development Ministry (BMZ) has pledged a further EUR 100 million to the fund, with France also recently coming on board as a donor.

A New Dimension in Nature Protection

We need to safeguard the world’s most outstanding biodiversity for humanity! Natural habitats and biodiversity are crucial for all life on Earth. They are the backbone of our planet’s ecosystem services, providing us with fresh water, clean air, and fertile soil to grow our food while storing carbon dioxide and offering life-saving protection from natural disasters.


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