Legacy Landscapes Fund

A large portion of globally important biodiversity is found in a relatively small number of places. By effectively protecting and managing these outstanding “legacy landscapes” while respecting the human rights and the needs of local people, we can conserve a significant share of the earth’s precious biodiversity. Protected areas also play an important role in strengthening climate resilience and fighting climate change.

We source significant and sustained funding from both public and private donors to provide financing of one million dollars per year to protected areas with a long-term, flexible program approach. Our goal is to fund a global, diversified portfolio of at least 30 of the world’s most relevant biodiversity hotspots by 2030.


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The LLF team learned a lot from recent visits to two legacy landscapes: Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe and North Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

Invest in Conservation for Eternity

To meet ambitious global targets, we need to protect precious conservation areas not just for now, but for the long-term. Legacy Landscapes Fund is an innovative instrument designed to do just that, but we need your support. Join us now.


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