The Future of Conservation Trust Funds

Date: March 7, 2023

LLF and partners publish short paper on CTFs

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“CTFs are the sole instrument which can facilitate the effective deployment of government funds in a long-term, transparent, and sustainable approach – independent of political priority changes and with exactly the long-term security that is required to solve the biodiversity crisis on the ground.”

Legacy Landscapes Fund alongside three partners within Nature Trust Alliance has published a short paper on the present and future role of Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) in halting biodiversity loss and climate change.

In the paper, the executive directors of four CTFs – Dr. Mirjam de Koning (Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust), Stefanie Lang (Legacy Landscapes Fund), Tobias Münchmeyer (Caucasus Nature Fund) and Markus Knigge (Blue Action Fund) – outline how the sustainable and unique nature of this financing model has been recognised through continued support from Germany and other countries. With 40 new CTFs established since 2010, it’s clear that confidence in the potential of these instruments to attract funding and contribute to international goals is high.

Read the full paper below.

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