Funding Conservation for Eternity

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LLF Turns Two

A few words from ED Stefanie Lang on LLF’s second anniversary Two years ago today, Legacy Landscapes Fund (LLF) was officially launched.

Presenting LLF’s Annual Report 2022

A Nyala standing between bushes and trees

LLF is growing. Inside the 2022 Annual Report, we chronicle LLF’s development from seedling organisation to global biodiversity fund, best exemplified by our recognition in the COP15 outcomes from December last year.

New Candidate Sites Announced

Legacy Landscapes Fund (LLF) is delighted to announce plans to fund seven new globally significant biodiversity areas in the next year.

LLF’s Safeguards as Best Practice

Matsiguenka indians photographed with a drone. Yomibato, Manu NP, Peru.

In a newly published report by the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioners (OHCHR), LLF’s approach to social and environmental safeguards is cited as exemplary for development institutions across the world.

The Future of Conservation Trust Funds

Legacy Landscapes Fund alongside three partners within Nature Trust Alliance has published a short paper on the present and future role of Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) in halting biodiversity loss and climate change.

COP15 Pledges

Fresh support and partnerships for LLF at COP15 Germany pledges a further 30 million EUR and France confirms 15 million, while Norway comes on board with 10 million

LLF’s COP15 Event

Register now for LLF’s upcoming COP15 event Join Legacy Landscapes Fund at COP15 to discuss the threefold impact of financing protected areas for perpetuity. Please RSVP by 14 December.

Legacy Landscapes Fund at COP27

Learning from LLF on the biodiversity-climate change nexus Stefanie Lang, LLF’s executive director, spoke this week at a COP27 event organized by the International Development Finance Club (IDFC). 

North Luangwa field report

A team from Legacy Landscapes Fund recently visited North Luangwa National Park, a legacy landscape in northeastern Zambia.

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