Grant Programme

The Legacy Landscapes Fund’s Grant Programme provides long-term, dependable and secure baseline funding for selected globally recognized biodiversity hotspots – the ‘Legacy Landscapes’.

Legacy Landscapes Fund focuses on supporting professional partnerships between experienced NGOs and protected area authorities (or custodians of land), as well as indigenous and local communities with the goal of managing Legacy Landscapes effectively and sustainably. Thus, the LLF seeks to obtain significant and sustained funding both from public and private sources, with the aim of filling the gap for sustainable financing and thus contributing considerably to conserving biodiversity within a post-2020 framework.

Currently, 7 pilot landscapes are under negotiation and will be approved by the end of 2021. A call-for-proposals will be launched in late 2021 or early 2022.

Legacy Landscapes are defined in the LLF statutes as:

  • Globally significant protected areas;
  • With at least 2000 km2 of ecologically, largely intact habitats;
  • With a portion of at least 50% of the area being classified as protected areas under IUCN categories I / II (or equivalent).

According to the LLF statutes, support to the Legacy Landscapes will focus on:

  • Preservation of the ecological functions of the protected areas as well as their buffer zones;
  • The promotion of good governance, effective public institutions, and trustful cooperation with the local populations (e.g. via participation, grievance, and conflict resolution mechanisms), while respecting human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples, as well as international environmental and social standards.

Core requirements for LLF support are:

  • Written confirmation from the responsible government institution that indicates intentions of establishing a long-term partnership with the applicant (NGO) to secure the proposed legacy landscape, e.g.; Endorsement of the protected area (PA) authority/custodian of land to the submitted proposal in writing;
  • A Support Programme that aims both to, i) promote the effective management of the protected area and ii) to address priority threats as they emerge from the buffer zone;
  • Clearly defined key performance indicators that contribute to the achievement of the LLF’s foundation-level impact and outcome indicators;
  • Full compliance with international environmental and social standards, including human rights and the rights and needs of indigenous peoples;
  • The Support Programme shall include a dedicated component which promotes sustainable natural resource management and income-generating by communities inside and adjacent to the protected area;
  • The levels of government funding to the PA shall be maintained (no substitution of government budget support through LLF funds).