Marjolein van den Hoven

Programme Manager of LLF

Marjolein joined Legacy Landscapes Fund start of June 2021. As director and senior manager, she has led multi-disciplinary teams working across Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa for 20+ years. She has mostly worked on conservation, animal welfare and environmental issues, but also for development and health causes. She has extensive experience as program director, fundraising- and communications specialist. She is currently studying for a Msc in Climate Change and Development to further specialise in sustainable solutions taking into account communities and ecosystems. She also holds a BA in Communications, Marketing and PR. Marjolein is happiest out on adventures in nature and with animals; ideally combined with her children.

“I’m very excited to join Stefanie Lang and Lea Helm at the start of the Legacy Landscapes Fund. Safeguarding biodiversity is critical for future generations, for climate change adaptation and mitigation. The only way to do this effectively is ensuring the genuine ongoing involvement of local communities. The LLF has great and unique potential to achieve long lasting results using innovative financing mechanisms and collaborating with many incredibly experienced local and global partners.”