Our Approach

Effectively managed conservation areas are the cornerstone of nature preservation. Unfortunately, many conservation areas are insufficiently funded, resulting in “paper parks” that struggle to fulfil their primary function: conserving nature for future generations. Halting the dramatic loss of biodiversity across the world requires a bold new approach to the management of conservation areas in terms of scope, structure, accountability, and financing.  

Our strategy is simple and effective. We finance long-term partnerships between experienced NGOs and protected area authorities, as well as indigenous and local communities, to support efficient conservation and management of terrestrial protected areas and their buffer zones. The fund covers annual baseline costs with USD one million per legacy landscape for 15+ years. This keeps the lights on and the conservation area functional.  

How We Work

LLF secures the core financial needs for conserving a network of the world’s most important biodiversity areas, while respecting the rights and needs of local stakeholders and communities:  

Long-term, flexible core financing for at least 30 landscapes relevant for global biodiversity and climate change

Conservation that contributes to climate change mitigation and adaptation by improved ecosystem services

Sustainable conservation through systematic application of internationally recognized environmental, social and human rights standards

Nature conservation for community well-being and sustainable livelihoods

Leverage different sources of funding with the aim of perpetuity

Platform for global learning, innovation, and conservation solutions 

Lean, charitable international foundation with a public-private approach in both funding and implementation

At a Glance