What We Fund

The Legacy Landscapes Fund is an ambitious new and innovative financing instrument that will, as an independent charitable foundation, significantly contribute to closing the funding gap for biodiversity conservation in the Global South.

The Legacy Landscapes Fund will secure the core financial needs for conserving a network of at least 30 of the world’s most important areas of biodiversity, while respecting the rights and needs of local stakeholders and communities. The Fund will provide 1 million US dollars per “legacy landscape” annually.

The LLF is results-oriented. It finances long-term partnerships between experienced NGOs and protected area authorities, as well as indigenous and local communities, to support the efficient conservation and management of protected areas and their buffer zones.

The Fund focuses on places and partnerships that promise effective biodiversity conservation, including:

  • Both new and existing protected areas and landscapes that are biologically outstanding and where the long-term conservation of habitat, species, and ecological processes is viable.
  • Each legacy landscape will have a long-term (15+ years initially) funding contract by a partnership of public sector and private (philanthropic or corporate) donors.
  • The funding of operations will be based on key performance indicators and regular audits.

The Legacy Landscapes Fund’s financial commitments are consistent with national and international protection strategies as well as social and ecological standards and safeguards, which includes the needs and human rights of indigenous and local populations. Active involvement of the local population, including the establishment of transparent and culturally appropriate grievance mechanisms, is a mandatory prerequisite for funding. All commitments must also support the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.